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Asana & Meditation Retreat

Asana & Meditation Retreat


New Year Day Retreat – 7th January 2017

** Day Now Fully Booked **

“Exploring the Fascial System”

Come and join me in the beautiful library at Scrope House for a daylong retreat. This retreat will provide you with a day dedicated to yourself in a beautiful environment where you can give yourself the time and space to relax and renew your energy

This day will be based on my now deeper understanding of fascia and teaching a movement repertoire that is specifically orientated towards myofascial efficiency and balance.

From foot to head to spirit, from inside to outside and beyond our physical boundaries.

So it won’t be so much a Yoga retreat but a movement for living well retreat that has, of course, all the benefits of a Yoga retreat. Namely mindful, conscious movement that helps us to breathe better, move better, center our scattered minds and find the quiet inside that allows a deeper exploration of self.

This day will be about our Neuromyofascia:

  • Neuro – relating to nerves or nervous system
  • Myo – relating to muscle
  • Fascia – relating to the fibrous, elastic connective tissue that permeates the whole body.

We will be exploring the neuromyofascia with movement repertoire and with props – namely massage balls and toning balls.

Fascia has become a popular word in the movement and manual therapy world in recent years and with good reason.

Fascia is fibrous, collagenous, connective tissue that transmits force within the body. It is a three dimensional whole body network that connects every single organ, bone, muscle and nerve – indeed every structure in the body!

The fascial system is an interconnected, communicating tensional network that contributes to our form, physiological health, perception, attitude as well as postural and movement patterns.

One of its outstanding and widely recognized qualities is its great adaptability. Fascial architecture adapts to the way we stand, move, think and treat ourselves.

This can result in healthy patterns or unhealthy patterns in our body…..

The way we perceive our postural and movement patterns, the poise and elasticity with which we move and the sensitivity with which we feel all correlate with the state of our myofascial system.

Therefore myofascial training not only aims to increase our movement spectrum but to increase quality within that spectrum. This will be the focus of our day together.

Layout for the Day


  • Arrival at 9am for a 9:30am start. Tea or coffee on arrival.
  • Morning practice 9:30am – 12pm
  • Vegetarian Lunch
  • Free time after lunch to relax, take a walk etc..
  • Afternoon practice 3pm – 5pm
  • Time for discussion, questions over a cuppa tea.
  • Day ends at 6pm.

Places are limited to 12 people and the day is now fully booked.

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