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On a beautiful sunny February morning, as I stroll through the white cobbled streets of Lisboa, heading down town, this is one of the many beautiful views which I thought I would share with you. How I love this city.
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Everyone talks about Pilates, most people you know practice it, but do you actually know anything about the man? I came across this wonderful brief animated history about Joseph Pilates. Take a look and get a better understanding of the man and what lead him to create the method.
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So I've just finished teaching my Yoga classes at St Giles hall and I'm sitting in the deli across the road. This the view from the deli. S xxx
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As we begin a new year my thoughts inevitably migrate to my family’s move to Oxford. We arrived a few minutes after midnight on New Years Eve exactly 2 years ago at what was to be our new home, in Oxford.  A small rented house full of boxes filled with our dearest and most essential possessions. read more
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I am often asked what the main benefits of Pilates are as opposed to Yoga and which are the benefits of Yoga practice as opposed to Pilates. How do they differ and how do they compare? In my experience they both ultimately offer us a sense of centre and connection.

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